I have been driving for over 35 years and I found out something today that I did not know. Did you know that there are two distinctly different blends of gasoline that are sold to consumers over the course of a year? I am not talking about Premium, Regular and that kind of blend. I am talking about winter gasoline and summer gasoline.

It seems that refineries around the nation do two different blends of gasoline to accommodate the different weather patterns the seasons bring. We are currently using the winter blend of gasoline. Because of winter weather driving and the reduced demand for that product there is surplus of that blend. This could lead to lower prices in the very near and short term. It could also be the reason gas prices rise in the next few months.

According to American Automobile Association fuel analyst Don Redman,

"We should brace ourselves for a minimum of about a 50 cent increase as we get into the spring, but that is if everything goes well,"

Redman made these remarks in a report filed by the Louisiana Radio Network. According to Redman, the switchover to production of summer blend or warm weather gasoline by refineries could be the catalyst for the increase in price. Right now the glut of cold weather fuel could actually mean a drop in prices but those price drops will most likely be very short lived.

Fluctuations in gas prices during the spring are not uncommon. It is also not uncommon for gas prices to rise significantly as the summer driving season approaches and more motorist are on the highways burning fuel. The average cost for a gallon of gasoline in Louisiana is $3.12, that is .27 cents lower than one year ago..