Where there is new technology, there are new ways to break the law. One Louisiana Legislator,Dan Claitor of Baton Rouge, doesn't want that technology invading your privacy. Claitor has proposed legislation that would make it against the law for government to fly "drones" equipped with cameras into and over your private property.

Just to be clear, the "drones" we are talking about are not the sophisticated military designed drones that we might use to look for bad guys in the hills of Afghanistan. The drones in question here are any radio controlled flying device that can be equipped with a camera.

With the evolution of video devices like the Go Pro Camera and more stable flying filming platforms the ability to get breathtaking aerial shots are no longer the private domain of the Goodyear Blimp. Claitor feels this legislation is solving a problem before it becomes common  place.

"And now that people have the technology to get above and beyond your fence and take a closer look, I don't think they ought to be able to do that just because they can,"

While the bill does make provisions for those that use an eye in the sky to check on crops or utility lines or other legitimate purposes.Claitor's bill will also allow the use of drones with proper search warrants or if they are needed to film or secure a crime scene. However, it will impose tighter regulations on those that choose to use an aerial platform for video gathering.

Discussions on this bill will begin during the upcoming legislative session that begins March 10. Claitor has also filed papers as a candidate for Congress in Louisiana's 6th Congressional District.