I like dogs. I like to look at other people's dogs. I always find it funny to pull up to a stoplight and look out the window to see a smiling dog looking back at me from another car.

I personally don't care to see dogs riding unrestrained in the back of a pickup truck. Apparently one Louisiana lawmaker agrees with my point of view. Although his proposed legislation does not go as far as I would go.

Tom Willmont, Louisiana Representative from the Kenner area has proposed House Bill 1091. This bill would make it unlawful for anyone to transport a dog in the bed of a pickup truck when traveling on an interstate highway. Mr. Wilmont explained his main concern to the Louisiana Radio Network.

"That dog is going to become a flying object,"

This in reference to an animal jumping, falling or being ejected from the bed of a truck traveling at freeway speeds. Mr. Wilmont believes dog owners should secure their animals just as they would secure any cargo loaded into the bed of a pickup truck before taking to a high speed roadway. Not only is it a matter of life or death for the dog. It could be a major problem for other motorist.

"As long as they are restrained in a humane way,You could put them in a crate, you could put them on a leash, harness..whatever."

The proposal will go before the House Transportation Committee today. A similar measure failed to pass in last years legislative session.