The hired hands in Baton Rouge will be talking about butts on the floor of the house today. No, not those butts but the cigarette butts and how they should properly be disposed of. It seems that some people think litter is anything you throw out of a car that isn't a cigarette butt. At least one Louisiana lawmaker believes that cigarette butts are in fact litter and he aims to quell the idea of butt flicking across the state.

Patrick Connick, Representative from Marrero, has proposed legislation that will raise fines for those who toss their butts on the ground and make it even more of a financial burden if you toss your butt from an automobile.

"You're going to be fined if you're caught throwing a butt on the ground $250 however if you're in an automobile you will have a $300 fine if you throw it our your window. That is basically the gist of the legislation,"

Connick made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network.

The new law, should it pass, would also tack on 8 hours of community service to that $300 fine.  There was no opposition when the legislation was brought up in committee. As of right now it is not illegal to toss a cigarette butt out of a car but many environmental groups believe it should be.