[Update] By an 80-19 vote the Louisiana House moved forward on legislation that would allow those licensed to carry firearms the right to bring those fire arms into an establishment that serves alcohol.

This legislation was hotly debated on the floor of the house but passed by a wide majority. The provision in the bill give permitted carriers the right to bring their weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol. Just to be clear, this does not give anyone authority to bring firearms into a bar or nightclub.  The legislation will now move forward to the Senate for debate and discussion by that body of government.

[Original Story] Do you think allowing people to carry guns into places where alcohol is being served is a good idea? The Louisiana House Criminal Justice Committee does. They've approved legislation that will allow off duty law enforcement officers and those who carry valid concealed weapon permits to bring their weapons inside of restaurants that serve alcohol.

The bill sponsored by Joe Lopinto of Metarie did create quite a stirring debate among the  committee members. Lopinto told the Louisiana Radio Network that he did not agree with the opinions of those who opposed his legislation.

"Could you have an isolated incident? Obviously, you always can, but the reality of it is I'd rather the person that has that to be able to prevent that massacre than the person that is not the law abiding citizen,"

Lopinto was addressing concerns raised by New Iberia Representative Terry Landry who said,

"You have people that alcohol and a gun make them a bigger person than when they don't have those,"

Several other committee members voiced similar concerns as those of Landry. The legislation will now move before the full house for debate. What do you think? Should anybody be allowed to carry a weapon into an establishment where alcohol is being served?