When the clock strikes high noon in Baton Rouge citizens of Louisiana will no doubt feel a cold chill running down their spine right into their wallets. The Louisiana Legislature is set to open it's session for 2014. Currently lawmakers have plans to consider over 1500 pieces of legislation during this session.

Contained within those 1500 plus pieces of proposed legislation will be new laws concerning legalized marijuana. The debate over changes in the medical use of marijuana and the possibility of legalizing it for recreational use.

There will also be a lot of discussion concerning education in all levels. Most of that discussion will center around how to fund education. There will also be talks of changes and cuts in higher education in the state. There will most likely be bills sent out for debate concerning the State's TOPS program. You can also plan on hearing a lively debate about common core in Louisiana's educational curriculum.

Some of the other bills that will likely garner headlines during this session are proposals in Louisiana firearms laws, the State's sodomy laws, increasing the minimum wage, and changes in penalties for drug offenders.

The only topic that is taboo for this session of the legislature is taxes. Any bill that has to do with taxes or proposed tax changes can only be considered in the legislative sessions that occur during odd numbered years.