Many political observers have already said that this is the race of incumbent Mary Landrieu's political life. In November Louisiana voters will decide whether Mary Landrieu is doing a good job for the state or whether it's time for a change. According to the latest political polls, Louisiana voters are split right down the middle on that decision.

According to Public Policy Polling spokesperson Tom Jensen the latest numbers show this race is going to come down to the wire and will most likely come down to a runoff between Landrieu and Republican Bill Cassidy.

"Even with 17-percent of voters still undecided, it's unlikely that Mary Landrieu can get to 50% in November, because among those undecided voters, only 8% disapprove of her."

Jensen's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network after results of the most recent poll showed Cassidy and Landrieu each polling at 47% of the vote.  There is also speculation that Landrieu's poor approval rating does not bode well for the incumbent who will be seeking her 4th term as United States Senator from Louisiana. She was first elected to the position in 1996.