In the end it all depends on who actually goes to the polls and votes on election day. If you're Mary Landrieu or Bill Cassidy getting the most people to actually participate in the election will be the key to victory for one or the other.

The latest poll numbers show that 46% of voters are leaning toward Landrieu while 43% of those surveyed preferred Cassidy. The Rasmussen Survey of 750 likely voters returned those numbers according to a report by the Louisiana Radio Network.

In that story political analyst Clancy Dubos suggested that the results are really not that surprising.

"It's going to be a typical Mary Landrieu race,it's going to be hard fought, there's going to be a lot of charges and counter charges going back and forth. It's a classic Louisiana showdown."

These poll numbers are very consistent with earlier poll numbers released by Public Policy Polling earlier this month. Those numbers showed the two top Senate candidates in a virtual tie. Republican candidates Rob Maness and Paul Hollis are also running for the Senate seat but they were not included in the Rasmussen Poll.