A visit to the state capitol in Baton Rouge. That is usually reserved for school children who are learning more about government or disgruntled citizens who wish government would listen a little better. What ever your reason might be for visiting the State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge over the next year you can expect there to be some issues because of construction and improvements.

The reason for the $4.3 million dollars in improvements is security. The plan that is underway now would make it more difficult for anyone to drive a vehicle directly up to the capitol building. This will be done by the installation of security posts. There will also be changes in traffic flow around the capitol that will keep motorized traffic further away.

The changes don't all have a negative connotation, State Office of Facility Planning Mark Moses told the Louisiana Radio Network,

"This will also allow us to enhance some traffic flow in and around the capitol as well as, we believe, create a more friendly pedestrian experience for the visitors."

If everything goes according to schedule the improvements and updates to the Capitol should be completed by the time the state legislature convenes in 2015.