Last night United States President Barack Obama address the nation in the annual State of the Union Speech. The President called for 2014 to be a year for action. He even suggested that when necessary, he would be willing to sidestep Congress to ensure his ideas and agenda were pushed through.

Louisiana Congressman Charles Boustany, a republican representing much of southwestern Louisiana, was not impressed with what the President had to say. In a press release issued by the Congressman's office Boustany said,

"America's working families and small businesses want more than empty rhetoric from this Administration. Instead, they need policies focused on job creation and economic growth. In South Louisiana, we understand those two things begin with the promotion of the energy industry. Whether it's completion of the Keystone XL pipeline or allowing for more drilling permits to be awarded in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil and gas industry will be at the center of any economic recovery."

Boustany also said he welcomed the speech hoping to hear how the sixth year of the President's administration would be different than the first five. Based upon more comments released by Boustany's office the  Congressman was left very much underwhelmed by the address.

"I welcomed tonight's opportunity to hear the President's comments on how his sixth year in office would be any different than the previous five. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed as the President discussed how he would continue to circumvent Congress in order to push his liberal agenda. As a member of the People's House, I find this completely unacceptable. I am determined to protect the will of the people I represent in South Louisiana. Power grabs by this Administration will not be tolerated.

Congressman Boustany is a regular contributor to the Bruce and the Kennel Club show on 97.3 The Dawg. His office welcomes your feedback and comments.