I must be from a different generation because I thought prison was supposed to be a punishment. Evidently I am wrong because inmates in Louisiana's Angola State Penitentiary say it's too hot and they want relief. What's even more interesting is these inmates are the ones on death row. I would like to believe this is just preparing them for their eventual final destination but that's just my opinion.

Later today a federal judge, Brian Jackson, will tour death row at Angola to determine if the conditions there can be considered cruel and unusual punishment which is a no no according to the Constitution. Of course the Constitution only appears to apply when its hallowed words support the opinion of the Feds. Otherwise most of our Federal Government agencies and elected officials see the Constitution the same as Charmin.

If the prisoners on death row think it's too hot perhaps we should offer them an early end to their sentence. It would save them from being uncomfortable and it would save me from having to spend my tax money keeping them comfortable. Perhaps if an early termination to their sentence is not within the guidelines of the law we could allow those inmates to be housed in tents or sheds with no walls.

I  find it very difficult to have sympathy for anyone who has committed such a heinous act that a jury of their peers has decided the planet is better off without them. Maybe if we publicized the fact that Louisiana Prisons don't have air conditioning or even windows that open that would be a great deterrent to the young thugs who are going to fill the cells of those that are whining now.