In South Louisiana nobody goes by their real name. So whether you prefer The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana Lafayette, U.L. or you just go with The Ragin Cajuns the party is on this week. The university's alumni association has a great week of events planned for former Cajuns, current Cajuns or those who just want to show their support for the home team.

Sunday's events will begin with the Homecoming Mass and reception followed by an afternoon of fun at the bowling alley. Many of our Town Square Media employees, who are proud Ragin Cajun's will be participating. As one of our staffer said, "They have a bar, it will make the bowling better".

Tuesday and Wednesday through out Acadiana be on the look out for police escorts and recreational vehicles scooting through town. This entourage is part of the annual Paint the Town Red promotion. Paint the Town Red is a way for local businesses and schools to show their support for the Ragin Cajuns .

The week's festivities will culminate with the Homecoming football game at Cajun Field when the Ragin' Cajuns host New Mexico State.