It's a toast to those who have served our country and paid a very high price. It's also a tax on your beer that could make a huge difference in the lives of wounded soldiers and their families. There is a new proposal being discussed in the current session of the State Legislature that would impose a tax on beer. That tax would then go to fund programs to help Louisiana's Wounded Warriors.

Currently beer taxes go into the state's general fund. In the proposal that is being discussed in Baton Rouge during the current session, Representative James Armes of Leesville is suggesting that tax money  might better be used if designated to help our state's wounded soldiers.

"This bill will help those wounded warriors that served in Desert Storm, Iraq and also Afghanistan and we've got a number of those people who have been deployed from Fort Polk."

Armes comments were reported in a story filed by the Louisiana Radio Network and the Representative acknowledges there will be some opposition.  Based on his calculations as much as 5-million dollars could be generated off the tax on beer to help those who were wounded serving our country. House Bill 169 concerning this issue is co- authored by Representative Frank Harvey of Many and Representative Armes of Leesville.