Has the bleeding finally stopped? Has the exodus of talented faculty members from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge finally been halted? LSU Administrators certainly hope so. The band-aid that's going to stop the bleeding? It looks a lot like cash because it is the almighty dollar.

Once again LSU has announced faculty pay raises. This year the LSU staff can expect an increase of 3% in their pay to go along with last year's increase of 4%.  Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope says the news is welcomed in the academic community.

"One thing this means is that we can move to a position of basic stability. We're stopping the blood letting and stopping the exodus of faculty members. Now we are giving a signal that, while lumberingly, that we are moving forward."

Cope's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

He went on to say that while the pay raise is good news, it doesn't put the university in the forefront of faculty salaries compared to other major universities across the country.

"I would say that if LSU were in a field of 50 horses that comprise major American universities, that we have moved from a trailing position, to the middle of the pack."

The pay increases should at least help stem the tide of faculty searching for higher pay elsewhere and help in the retention of experienced staff at the school.