Is this school spirit going off the deep end? Is what could be described as a potential break through in dermatology going to change the face of accident and burn victims? Or is this something totally different that we did not see coming?

The starfish that you see pictured in this article is real, it has not been manipulated in any way. The colors on this starfish should be very familiar to sports fans in Louisiana.

The question has been asked that if cells on a starfish could be manipulated to maintain a different pigmentation then could the same be done for human skin? This would be huge in the treatment of those whose skin may have been damaged because of an accident or injury.

If the pigmentation change is only temporary then could it be possible for rabid fans to actually change the color of their skin to support their favorite football teams? Can you imagine that instead of wearing a purple shirt to Tiger Stadium you just turn yourself purple for the night?

Would you do that to support your favorite team? Would you actually take a substance or get an injection that would change the color of your skin for one night? Is this science or is this nothing more than an internet rumor?