Even when Les Miles wins, he can't seem to win. Coach Miles is the only coach I know of to be undefeated and still have members of the LSU fan base call for his firing. Here is the latest "what Les did wrong" as described by the alleged professional announcers of ESPN. There are obviously two schools of thought in running up the score on an opponent. Some think that when you reach a certain point in the game and the outcome is set you simply call off the dogs. Others, like me, believe that in any level of sport from high school and above you should pour on the points and tell your opponent it's his job to stop you.

Les Miles is a kinder man than I. With 5 minutes left in the game, LSU leading Ole Miss 52-3, and with an almost certain LSU touchdown a play away, Les called off his Tigers. One of the ESPN announcers calls it classy, the other seems to think taking a knees is the equivelant of giving the opponent the finger. You can hear the announcers discussion and see the plays that LSU ran in the video.

What do you think? Was Coach Miles right to take the knee or should he have at least attempted to run a play? The way the Ole Miss defense was playing I'm sure any play other than taking a knee probably would have scored  points.