Our DAWG Rouxfus likes Camp Bow Wow just fine, but just in case you were going to making the big trip across the pond and decided to bring your pooch to Paris, there is a place where he or she can live a life of luxury. Yep, it's a real live hotel for dogs,  not to be confused with the movie of the same title. I think they offer more amenities than most of the hotels I have stayed in. Wow it must be great to be some rich persons dog.

Their tiled-floor rooms smell fresh and clean and are adorned with framed prints of dogs and equipped with televisions so dogs can watch their choice of DVDs.Owners pay between 26 euros and 35 euros ($36-$48) to leave their lucky hounds for a full day and while the luxury touches appeal to owners, the key difference with traditional kennels is that dogs are not locked up in cages.

Do they dine off silver platters and eat filet mignon every night? Well give a click and you will find out!