There are some real creepy people in this world. And then there's this guy.

On Sunday, 52-year-old Kenneth Enlow of Tulsa, Oklahoma was caught hiding in a septic tank underneath a women's bathroom at White Water Park in Tulsa. Yep, the dude was floating in all kinds of nastiness just to get a glimpse of women using the toilet.

He was spotted by a 29-year-old mom who brought her seven-year-old daughter to use the bathroom. She immediately called the cops.

The police got him out of the septic tank and according to a report he was "covered in feces." They hosed him down and arrested him on a misdemeanor peeping Tom charge.

His story? He told cops he wasn't spying on women. He proceeded to give a very detailed story about a woman named Angel who hit him on the head with a tire iron, then threw him in her 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo, took him to the park, and dumped him in the toilet.

Since the dum-dum is six feet tall and weighs 240 pounds and wasn't screaming for help, the cops weren't exactly buying his story.