Last week, 21-year-old Jesus Mata Junior of La Feria, Texas got his $1,000 tax refund. Or should we say he and his wife's tax refund.

What did he do with it? Well he cashed it and blew it at the strip club, like any good husband would do!

Knowing he would be in for a world of hurt, Jesus came up with a brilliant excuse. He called the police and told them he was robbed at gunpoint by six men.

The policed went through standard protocol and searched the area, followed leads, tried to hunt down the robbers. All for naught of course. They talked to Jesus again and noticed some inconsistencies in his story, at which time he fessed up.

He was arrested for filing a false report. No word on the wife's reaction but we can only imagine there is a special dog house being built for this fella.