You know what an atomic wedgie is, right? Well, it's kind of the granddaddy of all wedgies where the waistband is pulled up so high it goes all the way over the person's head.

Late last month, 58-year-old Denver St. Clair of McLoud, Oklahoma received a deadly atomic wedgie.

No, it literally killed him!

On December 21st, Denver's 33-year-old stepson Brad Davis showed up at his house. Brad is a former Marine, and they started fighting about Brad's mom, who'd previously accused Denver of domestic abuse.

During the fight, Brad grabbed Denver's underwear and yanked them up and over his head for the aforementioned atomic wedgie move. The wedgie was so potent, it killed Denver!

According to the coroner, Denver died of asphyxiation from being strangled by the waistband. Ouch! Blunt force trauma also played a role in the death.

Sheriff Mike Booth said that the underwear was still over Denver's head when they got to the scene. And Davis actually used the term "atomic wedgie" when describing what happened.

Davis said his stepfather attacked him and he was acting in self-defense. However, he was arrested and it has been ruled a homicide.