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Louisiana State Police have been asked to investigate what appears to be death by self inflicted gunshot. The bizarre twist to this sad story is the man allegedly killed himself while handcuffed and in custody in the back of an Iberia Parish patrol unit.

According a report filed with the Louisiana Radio Network, 22 year old Victor White III was arrested on suspicion of possession of illegal narcotics. White was handcuffed by deputies and placed in the back seat of the Iberia Parish patrol unit.

White was then transported to the Iberia Parish Sheriff's office for processing when he became uncooperative. According to the report White refused to exit the patrol car. While still in handcuffs and still seated in the patrol unit, White allegedly produced a hand gun and fired the weapon striking himself in the back.

Deputies responded to the shot by calling for an ambulance and having White transported to a local hospital. It was at the hospital he succumbed to his injuries. Louisiana State Police are investigating the shooting at the request of Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal.