The results of toxicology tests have come back and State Police say that a man who lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a house killing a two year old child was driving while impaired.

In fact the results show that Tony James Milligan of Houma was so drunk his toxicology report determined him to be twice the legal limit to be considered driving while impaired.

The incident happened on June 27 when Milligan ran into the back of another vehicle while driving in the community of Schriever. Milligan then fled the scene of that accident and in his haste to get away lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a nearby home. The crash killed a two year old child who was sleeping inside the home.

Milligan is currently being held on many charges including vehicular homicide. His bond is set at 300-thousand dollars.  Troopers suspected that Milligan was impaired at the time of the incident but could not confirm the severity of his intoxication until the lab reports had been completed.