I wonder if I ever got to be famous if I would forget that the laws of society and common sense no longer apply to me? Some of these Hollywood types just boggle my mind with their actions and reactions to things. Mel Gibson's infamous rants and taped conversations with his ex-wife are now the center of a court case that could find the former Mrs. Gibson in a lot of legal hot water!

it's all over a $15 million deal Oksana signed -- and then rejected -- during child custody mediation in May, 2010. The deal included child support, a house, and other assets ... plus the guarantee that Oksana would NOT release the audio tapes of Mel's now infamous rants.

I think the rule of thumb in Hollywood should be, take the money, shut your mouth, get off my TV. At least if I ran the world that would be the way things would work. Remember the Gong Show? I'd love to be able to "gong" certain celebs and have them disappear from my TV for ever.

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