The search for missing UL student Mickey Shunick returned to Whiskey Bay last night when a sonar image detected an object under the murky water. Law enforcement officials returned to the area where Shunick's bicycle was discovered on Sunday. By shortly after midnight the search had ended and the object in question was determined to be a  piece of wood, perhaps a log. Dive teams and other search equipment were used in the effort which remains on going.

In other news on the case, Lafayette Police have ruled out two of the three vehicles of interest that were seen on surveillance video around the time and place of Shunick's last known location.  Authorities would still like to talk to the driver of a white Chevrolet Z71 four door pick up that was picked up on camera near that time. Drivers of the other two vehicles, the older model four-door vehicle and the white four-door truck with bed cover, have been ruled out as far has having any connection with the case. It was also determined that the drivers of these vehicles could offer no further evidence in the search for Shunick.