A triple double Oreo! Just the words bouncing out of my mouth make me want to dunk my tongue in milk. I do think the Oreo Cookie, much like field peas and pepper sauce, will be feature on God's Buffet in heaven. To think that someone at Nabisco decided to unleash such a cookie on the American taste bud is a reason to celebrate. You think getting Bin Laden was good? Wait until you open your mouth wide around this soon to be legendary classic!

So what do you think made the Oreo folks do this? Have they just now figured out that we've been stacking and double stacking our cookies for years? Maybe it was the gauntlet thrown down by KFC a few months back with their "Double Down" sandwich. Regardless of the reason I am ready to taste the outcome, Mr. Kleinpeter! Warm up your cows good sir, we are going to be needing a lot more milk!