If you like doing 12-ounce curls with a beverage called Miller Lite, then you'll notice a change soon. The bottle is getting a re-design which will hit your favorite store cooler this summer.

The new bottle is still brown with a blue label, but with an entirely new shape. The top of the bottle is broader than the bottom and the neck is shorter.

In a press release from MillerCoors, the company says the bottle was "inspired by form and design" and that its "contoured grip" is "intended for easy handling from the bar to the pool table."

This marks the first time in 40 years that the Miller Lite bottle is getting a makeover. Other beverage companies have been on a roll lately with new packaging.

Heineken recently launched a new bottle design with a longer neck. Budweiser just came out with a bow-tie shaped can. And Pepsi rolled out a new design for their 20-ounce bottles, the first change in 17 years.