If we're all going to be a little Irish today let's reflect upon one thing the Irish do really well. Oh, I wasn't talking about drinking, I was talking about the other thing they do well, that is languish in the saddest of songs. These sad songs often time lead to more drinking so I guess there is a connection. You may have visited a pub called Molly Malone's somewhere in this country or even abroad, that's because the name Molly Malone is synonimous with Dublin and her citizens. In Dublin's most posh shopping area, Grafton Street there is even a statue of the "fish monger turned street walker, or is it street walker who sold fish?" Fair Molly is often referred to as "the tart with a cart, her song is the unnofficial anthem of Dublin and her statue is treated with reverence by Dubliners and tourist alike. She is Molly Malone, but was she real or a figment of a playful Irish imagination that was brought to life after a few pints?