I would suppose this would be a huge retail market to capture, the over-worked Mom market. Well apparently two New Jersey wine companies are headed to court to see if one can keep the other from having the word Mommy on the label! I am not a wine drinker nor am I a mother, I just play one in the carpool line. But I think the last thing I would want would be my bottle of bubbly calling me MOMMY. I have some other ideas for great wine names for working Mom's want to see? Okay how about this one. Please Shut Up I've Had A Long Day, or Your Teacher Called Again, or My Boss is a #$$, or the one many of you ladies would gulp by the gallon, Maybe If I Drink The Whole Bottle You Will at Least Seem Sexy. Okay that's my take on the Mommy wine labels I know you have got some you'd like to share, let's hear em