Who says money can't buy happiness? A lot of people do and they are probably right but a little money can make you happier at least for a few minutes. This is one of those great "brother" moments. If you grew up with a brother then you know what I am talking about. Brothers have a tendency to bet, challenge, force or manipulate each other into doing some interesting things.

In this case the older brother is offering his little brother some cash. Here is how it goes down. The big brother is going to throw $127 in cash into the air, the little brother gets to keep what he can catch. Needless to say the older brother did not think this one all the way through as the little brother makes an outstanding grab! I can only imagine how priceless this video will be to these two young men when they get to be much older.

My brother and I used to do stupid stuff like this all the time. He never gave me money but I sure have some nice scars to talk about.