In the world of news reporting and investigative journalism there is one truth. The money never lies. That is why when you want to know the reality of a story or a claim simply follow the money and it will lead you to the truth.

Whether it's a huge economic development between the two Crowley exits or a very tight Senate race, the money will tell you more about what is going on than any politician or political spokesman ever will.

Louisiana's Senate race which is basically between incumbent Mary Landrieu and Congressman Bill Cassidy is a great example of the money never lies. This race has been called one of the tightest races in Louisiana history and the money trail agrees.

Both candidates have an almost identical war chest of funds available for the campaign. A recent report from the Louisiana Radio Network showed that Landrieu had amassed campaign funds of 6.2 million dollars. Cassidy was slightly behind but basically equal with an amount of 5.8 million dollars.

Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says in the case of Mary Landrieu,

"The more money she has, the better it improves her chances,but she hasn't been able to get any big lead on Cassidy and they are literally approaching the election with the same amount of money."

The cause for concern in the Landrieu camp is that incumbents normally far outpace their opponents in fund raising but in this case both Cassidy and Landrieu have similar amounts of cash available to them.