Staff Photo/Ian Auzenne

The LHSAA is holding it's annual meeting in Baton Rouge and one of the hot topics of discussion is the high school football playoff system. This past season the playoff system was modified to a split system. Schools were divided in to select and non-select, basically public schools and private schools. This system basically meant that any school that competed in football got in to the playoffs. Some people felt this cheapened the regular season and made reaching the playoffs a lesser milestone.

At this weeks meeting, the principals of the member schools will again discuss changes in the current system. While the previous two weeks have been a time for discussion amongst member principals no real plan for change has been vocalized.

"The area meetings that we've been conducting the last two weeks we thought we would get a feel from the principals,There's been a lot of great questions, but no one is showing their hand on how they are going to vote."

LHSAA President Todd Guice made those comments in a report filed by the Louisiana Radio Network. Guice also serves as principal of Ouchita High School. While there has been no official word on what changes might be voted on or even proposed, the rumblings around meeting suggest a couple of things.  It is very unlikely that the LHSAA members will return to the previous playoff system but there could be changes in each individual classification's playoff protocol. The member principals are expected to discuss and vote on any changes to the playoff system in meetings that take place today.