Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Look, I'm not one of those people who complains about Facebook all the time, and then spends 6 hours a day checking on status updates from 'friends'. But in light of the fact that Facebook made $1.1 BILLION DOLLARS last year, and is getting a $429 million dollar tax break from our government, I don't mind completely trashing them AT ALL. I'm tired of all these little 'tweaks', and the unwanted advertisements and suggested posts. Sick of it, actually. And yes, I know nobody is forcing me to use Facebook, but guess what - a lot of your business owners ARE forcing employees to use it - to their advantage, of course.

And now comes word that the world's biggest social networking company is getting ready to unveil a new version of News Feed, the flow of status updates, photos and advertisements its users see on the site. Facebook Inc. is hosting an event at its Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters today to show off "a new look for News Feed." The company offered no other details on what the changes will be in an invitation sent to journalists and bloggers. It will be Facebook's second staged event at its headquarters since the company's May initial public offering. The company unveiled a search feature at the first one in January.

If past site changes are any indication, the News Feed tweaks may take some getting used to and will likely lead to user grumbles. Facebook users often complain about changes to the site, whether it's cosmetic tweaks or the overhaul of privacy settings.

What about those of us who don't want a 'new news feed'? I guess if you just dodged paying $429 million dollars to the Federal Government, you really DON'T CARE.