The oil and gas industry in Louisiana is truly the life blood of the state. Between service companies, catering companies, transportation companies and other support services, oil and gas is what keeps Acadiana's economic engine turning faster than the national average. But in order to make the machine go, you've got to have a skilled labor force and now an effort is being made to insure that as older workers retire, younger workers with the right skills will be there to take their place.

According to an industry insider about 40% of the Gulf of Mexico's current workforce will be retiring over the next 10 years. It is very important to have their replacements trained and ready to work. Chris John, Louisiana Mid Continent Oil and Gas Association President told the Louisiana Radio Network,

"The biggest concern to our members is that we don't have the skilled workforce to handle the kinds of projects that were are doing out in the Gulf."

That's why his organization is working with higher education, industry, and government agencies to insure that proper curriculum and training is in place to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas industry.  In a memorandum of understanding issued to participating entities this policy is being defined for the future of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico.