Photo by NASA via Getty Images

We spent the weekend watching Hurricane Irene move up the East Coast of the United States. The good news, Irene wasn't as bad as it could have been. So here on this 6 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall in Louisiana what is mother nature cooking up in the tropics for us now? Introducing Tropical Depression 12, the latest tropical entity in the Atlantic basin. The current tropical models suggest that TD 12 will in fact get stronger and become a named storm. When that happens it will be called Katia. So where might this storm be headed?

Are we looking at a Labor Day surprise for next week? Probably not, the best guess is that TD12 (Katia) will get caught up in the same steering currents that drove Irene north and away from the Gulf of Mexico. The even better news on this story is the models suggest that turn to the north will take the storm away from the coastline of the United States all together.

We will continue to watch the tropics for you since hurricane season is far from over, in fact the peak of the season is still 10 days away. The season officially lasts until the end of November.