Have you ever left something on the roof of your car and then driven off? For me that would be countless cups of coffee, book sacks, take out orders and one time even my wife's purse. There is nothing that can make you feel more stupid than doing that.

Usually what happens is you get distracted at the moment you are climbing in your car or you don't have enough hands to open the door, climb inside and carry all your stuff.

What happened when this unsuspecting motorist left a coffee cup on the back bumper of her SUV? A good Samaritan motorcyclist comes to the rescue. Personally I think the stunt was more dangerous than helpful and I can't be too sure I would have slowed down to retrieve the cup. I am a conspiracy person so that is probably a simple fault of my own odd personality.

The motorcycle rider does manage to get the cup safely returned to its owner. The reaction of the lady when she gets the cup makes the whole effort worthwhile.