The first time I dropped in at the house of mouse, Walt Disney World in Orlando the year was 1978. I was on a band trip and we got to spend the day at the Magic Kingdom. I rode Space Mountain, saw the Hall of Presidents, and proceeded to pick up my very own mouse ears.

When you grow up in a small town having your very own set of Disney mouse ears was a status symbol. It showed the world that you were a world traveler and knew of the finer things in life like Disney World. It was the only trip I ever made to a Disney property as a semi-professional kid.

Enter adulthood and I have been dragged through Disney World 3 times. I don't dislike Disney, I marvel at their ability to make people have a good time while waiting in line. Have you noticed that? That you do spend a lot of time waiting in line but you don't seem to mind because the Disney folks have invented ways to keep you occupied so the time seems to move a lot faster. They also have invented and reinvented new ways to sell you the same crap you've already bought.

For example, the mouse ears I was telling you about? Mine were made of a black felt like substance with plastic ear pieces stapled to the beanie. Enter today's high tech mouse ears and you are ready to light up the night. Disney calls it being part of the show because your mouse ears will now light up in different colors and pulse to the beat of the music at the theme parks spectacular day ending finale.  Leave it to Disney to come up with a way to make every one want one more of what they already have.