There are a lot of things that inspire us to do great things. There are more things that inspire us to just do things that need to be done. As humans we are motivated by family, love, money and food. Food is a big motivator for animals that fall a few steps below us on the food chain.

Mice are an enigma. They are one of Mother Nature's cutest creatures when they own a theme park or are name Stuart Little. In real life in their mouse environment they will send even a grown man running and screaming like a little girl. The mouse in this video falls on the cute side.

You will see the mouse has found a cookie. I'm sure in the world of mice that is the equivalent of a Cajun stumbling upon an entire roast pig. The problem is the cookie is big, the ledge is high and the mouse is small. What will he do? Watch and see how perseverance pays off for this little furry fellow.