If you were a teenager in the 90s then you got to witness an explosion in the popularity of country music. Artists like Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Travis Tritt, Joe Diffie...well, you get the idea.

I was that kid who fell in love with all these artists and this genre of music. And like a lot of you, I usually find myself liking a particular artist's early works, if you will.

When it comes to our boy Kenny Chesney, who will be rocking the Cajundome tonight, well, he didn't exactly explode onto the scene. He debuted with a small label called Capricorn Records and released his first album in 1994 called In My Wildest Dreams. The disc barely sold 10,000 copies and the label shut down shortly after.

Kenny would then sign with BNA Records in 1995 and put out his sophomore disc, All I Need to Know. I always remember the "awesome" brown vest he's wearing on the cover! And we stop here for me to tell you that this here is my favorite early Kenny Chesney CD. No, it didn't even have a #1 song on it. Three singles were released: "Fall In Love", "All I Need to Know" and "Grandpa Told Me So". However, it did have a future hit song in "Me & You". (That single was included on and released off the next album.)

BNA Records

I always thought "Grandpa Told Me So" was such a sweet little song. Who couldn't relate to that one? And it always brings a tear to my eye as I think about my "Pop-Pop".

The last song on the disc is probably the best song in the history of country music that never was a hit -- "Tin Man". Wow! Just wow! What a song.

The song on this disc that will always hold a special place in my heart is "Me & You". It was me and the lovely Ms. Alli's song we danced to at our wedding.

Oooh, I can't forget about "Paris, Tennessee", a song originally done by Tracy Lawrence on his Sticks & Stones CD.

Ah, the good ole days. Kenny had some good twang back in the day. Don't get me wrong, he's put out some great music since then and done amazing things in the past 20 years, but this is the album I always go back to when I think of Kenny Chesney.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Fall in Love" Buddy Brock, Kenny Chesney, Kim Williams 2:37
2. "Grandpa Told Me So" Mark Alan Springer, James Dean Hicks 4:18
3. "The Bigger the Fool (The Harder the Fall)" Larry Cordle, Jim Rushing 2:46
4. "All I Need to Know" Springer, Steve Seskin 3:09
5. "Honey, Would You Stand by Me" Bob McDill 2:48
6. "Someone Else's Hog" Chesney, David Lowe 2:36
7. "Me and You" Skip Ewing, Ray Herndon 3:39
8. "Between Midnight and Daylight" Sanger D. Shafer, Chesney 2:40
9. "Paris, Tennessee" Bob DiPiero, John Scott Sherrill, Dennis Robbins 2:23
10. "The Tin Man" Stacey Slate, Chesney, Lowe 3:26
Total length:

Enjoy the show tonight y'all. There's gonna be a teenager at heart in the crowd hoping deep inside that one of these songs makes it on to the set list. :)