People Magazine's wildly popular 'Sexiest Man Alive' issue is coming out this Wednesday, November 15. Rumor has it that Blake Shelton might be on the cover this year, which will no doubt make women all across America swoon. So, I got to thinking that I would put together my own personal list of who I would like to see in this year's 'Sexiest Man Alive' issue. You don't have to agree, but I would like to know who your choices are!

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John Schneider - maybe it's because he was just here at Rhythms on the River, but he automatically comes to my mind for this list. Not only is he still smokin' hot, but he lives here, and is always talking about how much he loves Louisiana. He also brings a lot of money into our state with his numerous film and television projects. Plus, he's a really, really nice guy. And his Facebook live videos are hilarious!

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Michael Ray - Michael makes my list because he is such a great guy. He's cute, and doesn't know it, is a really loving son and brother, and loves animals. Michael came from very humble beginnings in Florida, and has never forgotten that as he makes his way up the country music charts. You gotta love someone who cried when he made his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry.

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Aaron Watson - Aaron has been a superstar in Texas for a long time, with 23 albums out. But he is just getting his shot at mainstream country radio, and his whole 'OMG I can't believe I'm here' attitude is so endearing. He is so nice to everyone, and clearly adores his wife and kids, and includes them on his Twitter updates all the time. He also wears a cowboy hat, which automatically makes him sexy! And because he's worked so hard, we hope he gets his #1 song for 'Outta Syle'

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Charles Kelley - one third of Lady Antebellum, brother in law to actress Katherine Heigl, and one of the best voices in country music. Charles Kelley is talented, and so nice. You hardly ever see men talking about painful subjects, so he goes on my list for shedding light on infertility, and how traumatic it was for him and his wife. He's also sexy, and very funny! Gotta love a guy who adores his baby son, and shows it.

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Brett Eldredge - Brett makes this list because he's the closest thing we have to Frank Sinatra, even though he's kind of a goofball. Brett's new sidekick is his Weimaraner Edgar, and they are pretty hilarious together. Brett is really, really funny, but if you don't think he's sexy, just check out his video for 'The Long Way' with Louisiana's own Sadie Robertson.