People laugh at me when I blame things on the space shuttle. I must admit it started out as kind of a joke when a thunderstorm would cancel a ball game or a rain shower would soak an outdoor concert. It turns out I was right! NASA does create its own weather and that weather affects people like us.

What causes rain? Its a combination of heat and humidity in the atmosphere that rises to an altitude where the temperature causes the water vapor to return to liquid form. Then the small droplets start clinging together into larger drops and then with the force of gravity fall to the ground as rain.

What do you think happens when NASA fires a rocket engine? The blast from the engine emits a huge cloud of hydrogen and oxygen gas combined with tremendous heat. This cloud rises into the atmosphere and nature takes over. Have you ever wondered why it always seems to rain on I-10 when you are near the Stennis NASA facility? I think we may have found your answer.