It is not that far of a reach to make an assumption that viewers of TV's Duck Dynasty might also enjoy NASCAR. There seems to be a common bond between the two entities. Duck Dynasty is a show about a small family business that is run by a cast of characters that are deep rooted in their faith and family values. Much the same can be said of NASACAR, at least in its humble beginnings.

It was announced yesterday the Duck Commander brand would now be the title sponsor of the April 6 race at Texas Motor Speedway. The speedway is located just outside of Dallas, Texas in Tarrant County. The annual event attracts over 150-thousand fans each year for the Sprint Cup Race.

It is expected that the stars of the A&E hit show Duck Dynasty will be playing a huge part in the race weekend festivities. The race weekend will not only include a Sprint Cup Race but a Nationwide Series Race as well.