[Update 11:24 AM CDT:] Tony Stewart will not participate in today's race at Watkins Glen. Stewart's team made that announcement a short time ago. The announcement comes just hours after Stewart was involved in an on track incident that took the life of a fellow competitor.

[Original Story] :

This afternoon the stars of NASCAR's Sprint Cup Division are scheduled to take the green flag at New York's famed Watkins Glen track. It is not certain at this time if a former champion of the sport will be on the grid when the race begins.

Tony Stewart, infamous for his fiery temper, was involved in a fatal incident at a Saturday night sprint car race at a local dirt track. According to reports, Stewart and another driver Kevin Ward was allegedly walking from his car to confront Stewart about an on track incident.

Witnesses say Ward was wearing a dark fire suit and a dark helmet and as he approached Stewart's still moving vehicle the NASCAR stars car appeared to kick out sending Ward hurtling almost 50 feet.

Stewart was questioned by authorities after the event and a spokesman for local law enforcement says no criminal charges are being pursued in regards to Tony Stewart. The spokesman said that Stewart was very cooperative in their investigation and was extremely upset by what had happened.

Tony Stewart's team released a brief statement on the incident saying " our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends" the spokesman also said " we are still attempting to sort through all the details" .

There has been no decision announced on whether Tony Stewart will be racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen. He is scheduled to start 13th on the grid and is currently 19th in points. At this time Stewart's position in the standing does not qualify him for a chance to win NASCAR's championship. He would need a win or to move up several places in the standings in the next three races to qualify.