I love the question "What would Jesus Do?" It helps me sometimes find my center and do the right thing when I'm not sure exactly what that is. I wonder if the Good Lord in his infinite wisdom saw this coming. I'm sure he did and I would think he would probably like the idea. Anything that helps us do right by his teachings and live under the direction of the "Big 10" has got to be pretty good huh? Well now thanks to technology even going to confession can be aided with the help of that little ol smartphone in your pocket.

Confession, designed by the company Little iApps in South Bend, Ind., was developed in collaboration with several priests. The $2 app was not designed to replace traditional confession, says the company, but to help users better understand their actions before going to church.

I know traditional believers are shaking their heads in disbelief but I ask you to ponder this. If it's one more way to get people thinking about doing the right thing and living the right way should we be so quick to condem?

(via iPhone Confession App Gets Catholic Blessing - TheStreet.)