There was a time when only those with a juvenile sense of humor would snicker at the world wiener. Then comes a Congressman with a similar name and he make some serious social networking mistakes. Alas, the innocence is gone from the wonderful word wiener or is it? Thanks to an amazing invention you can now play with your wiener at lunch, at dinner, at cookouts and do it while the whole family or any one on twitter watches!

The Happy Hot Dog Man is an amazing tribute to how gullible the American buying public actually is. Remember when we all laughed at the guy who invented the Snuggie?

Yeah he's wrapped in his Snuggie on a pile a cash bigger than the house we live in. So snicker if you want, make a joke about the name, but the fact is you want one and if someone gave you a  Happy Hot Dog Man, you would use it. I know I would