The NFL preseason continued last night in New Orleans as the New Orleans Saints played host to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The game was what most fans expected and was a great reason to visit New Orleans on a Friday night. The Jaguars won the contest by a final score of  27-24.



It always amazes me that some people get upset with preseason football games. What amazes me more is that some people will gloat over a preseason victory or a loss. This is practice football it's even less real than the regular season games. Which I personally believe are scripted for the benefit of television.

Regardless in last nights game, Drew Brees looked really sharp in his time on the field. That guy is just good. Chase Daniels, the backup QB for the Saints played pretty well too. Chris Ivory proved that he is going to be a force this year as well.

Despite all the off season issues and suspensions the Saints have had to deal with I think this year is going to be a good one. I don't think our team is scripted to win every game but I bet the NFL story line will include the Saints in the playoffs and some really interesting tension between the league and the fans of the gulf south.