A recent survey by the group Southern Media and Opinion Research  shows that many Louisiana voters are not very thrilled with incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu. The new poll results that were released this week indicate that Landrieu's approval rating with likely voters is at an all time low.

The survey ask 600 likely voters their opinions on Landrieu and three other candidates who are running for the Senate in November. In that survey Landrieu polled 36% of the vote while primary Republican challenger Bill Cassidy polled 35%. Rob Maness a retired Air Force Colonel polled 7% of the prospective voters while State Representative Paul  Hollis polled 4% of the survey vote.

Political observer and respected pollster Bernie Pinsonant says while Landrieu may be polling ahead of the other candidates, the results of the survey reflect dissatisfaction with her job performance as Senator.

"A hundred percent of the people know her. And normally, a United States Senator, when you get past 45 or so percent, that means you're facing a really tough time.  And when you get down to 36, you're in really serious trouble and that's where she finds herself."

Pinsonant's remarks were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

The election for United States Senator will take place November 4th.