Political polls are exactly what you make of them. I am pretty sure the latest poll numbers released by Harper Polling will be championed by Senate candidate Bill Cassidy and dismissed as flawed by incumbent U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu. Those numbers released by Harper Polls and reported by the Louisiana Radio Network show Cassidy winning the U.S. Senate seat if it came down to a runoff between he and Landrieu.

The poll was paid for by American Crossroads and at least one political observer believes that Mary Landrieu might be in the race for her political life.

"She was well ahead of her last opponent, John Kennedy, at this stage, polling above 50 or at least close to 50%. Now she's polling quite a bit below that and in the head up race is behind."

Those are the remarks of University of Louisiana at Lafayette political science professor Pearson Cross.  The results of the poll showed that in a primary election Landrieu would receive 40% of the vote. Republican Cassidy would get 35%. Two other candidates Rob Maness and Paul Hollis would combine for the other 7% of the vote.  However if there was a runoff between Cassidy and Landrieu it appears that Cassidy would gain the votes of Maness and Hollis supporters.

The election for the United States Senate seat will be a part of the general election Tuesday November 4th.