OK, I admit I'm a bit biased when it comes to this guy's music. I've been a huge fan of Brooks and Dunn since day one. But this new solo disc from Ronnie Dunn is just fantastic! No, there's nothing totally out of left field, just solid music.

He takes you to his honky tonk roots with the lead song "Singer In a Cowboy Band" and the hard-hitting "Let the Cowboy Rock". The album also takes care of you love birds with a could-be smash in "Your Kind of Love". And of course there's plenty of heartbreak songs. I mean this IS country music. If that's what you're feeling then check out "I Just Get Lonely" and the ending track "Love Owes Me One". Ronnie wrote or co-wrote all but three of the songs on this self-titled c.d.

Don't forget we've got a Free Tune Tuesday all day today so you can find out how great this album is for yourself.

And I've gone through the liberty of giving you clips of a few songs. If you listen to 97.3 The Dawg (and I know you do!) then you've heard the lead single "Bleed Red". So here's a bit of a sample of the rest of the cd: