Getting excited for the season finale of "The Walking Dead" this Sunday night? Why not celebrate with a cold beer made with REAL BRAINS IN IT?!?

The Dock Street Brewery has created a new beer inspired by The Walking Dead…and it has real brains in it!

The American Pale Stout, which they call the Dock Street Walker, is made with malted wheat, oats, flaked barley, cranberry and the brains…the brains are smoked goat brains.

"“The pre-sparge-brain-addition provides this beer with intriguing, subtle smoke notes,” the brewery says in a press release. “In true walker fashion, don’t be surprised if its head doesn’t hang around forever.”"

And to ad to it, they get a little punny by saying the beer is “quite possibly the smartest beer you’ll ever drink.”

The brainy beverage will be released this Sunday in honor of The Walking Dead season finale.


Dock Street Brewery via Facebook
Dock Street Brewery via Facebook