Sports is all about passion. We like to see our teams play with passion. We like to cheer for our teams with passion. Some fans want to take that passion for their team with them when they go. If it's up to the NFL some Saints fans won't be able to cross over in a coffin that's been called the 'Who Dat' coffin.

A Kenner Louisiana custom casket maker says he has received a letter from the Saints and the NFL suggesting strongly that he cease and desist in his making and selling of a black and gold colored coffin with a fleur de lis on it.

Johnathon LaHatte tells the Louisiana Radio Network,

"It's a popular seller.  I mean... I've had other ones that have sold more, but it's not like the NFL is going to make millions of dollars off of me, if they went after me."

LaHatte who owns 'Til We Meet Again, a custom casket shop in Kenner says the coffin in question has been on display in his store, his Facebook page and even has been featured on television. He wonders why the league and the team waited four months to take action against him if his coffin's design was so egregious.

This isn't the first encounter LaHatte has had with the NFL over his coffin design. The fleur de lis design on an earlier model had to be recreated because the NFL felt it infringed on the league's copyrighted property. LaHatte redesigned the symbol often associated with the Saints. After that redesign he thought all was well to continue selling the coffin.

Despite the legal issues LaHatte doesn't hold the the players responsible for his current situation.

"I'm a Saints fan, regardless of what happens. You know, I love watching team and the games. This has nothing to do with the players or coaching staff. This is, I feel... an issue with the front office and/or the NFL trying to squeeze every penny out of everything they can."

Is it all about money or is this simply a business trying to protect it's trademarked property? Chances are the NFL will get their way since their pockets seem to be a lot deeper than 6 feet under.